Monday, July 8, 2013

Exercises for Activating the Hand Chakras

What is a Chakra?

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk. They are points of intersection between various planes and are described as wheel-like spinning vortex. The seven major chakras represent the major intersections. They are located along the spinal column.


The chakras have been called ―windows to the soul, this is because they provide humans with subtle connections into soul consciousness. It is through the seven energy centers that vitality pulses throughout our system energizing many of our physical, emotional and mental states.

Minor Chakras

In addition to the major chakras, there are also minor chakras in our energy body. The hand chakras are part of the minor chakra system. They are located in the palm of the hands and are smaller vortices compared to the major chakras. The hand chakras allow us to receive and send energy and tend to be strong in those who do hands on healing work such as Reiki. 

In Reiki, the student gets attuned with the Reiki symbols on the palms of the hands. It is a transmission of energy that activates the student's ability to access the energy to a much greater degree.

 Activating the Hand Chakras

The most common way to stimulate the hand chakras is by rubbing your hands together. Here are a couple of different ways to activate your hand chakras and also help you become familiar with energy.

Exercise 1: Opening and feeling the hand chakras

(Opening the hand chakras)
  • Extend both arms out in front of you, parallel to the floor with elbows straight. Turn one hand up and one hand down. 
  • Quickly open and close your hands twenty times or so. Reverse your palms and repeat.

( Feeling the hand chakras)
  • Open your hands and slowly bring your palms together, starting at about two feet apart and moving slowly to a few inches.
  • When your hands are about four inches apart you should be able to feel a subtle ball of energy, like a magnetic field, floating between your palms. 

Exercise 2: Toning to open the hand chakras

  • Open your hands and face them in front of you. Tone into or recite mantras to your hands. Pay attention and feel the sound vibration stimulating your hand chakras.

Examples of mantras for toning
  • AUM (this is my favorite! stretch out each letter and feel the difference in vibration with each letter, A-U-M)
  • LAM  (Earth, Muladhara)
  • VAM (Water, Swadhisthana)
  • RAM (Fire, Manipura)
  • YAM, or sometimes seen as SAM ( Air, Anahata)
  • HAM (Ether, Visuddha)
  • OM (light, Anja

Exercise 3: Rubbing your hands together

  • You can stimulate your hand chakras by rubbing your hands together vigorously and then let them hang freely afterwards. Notice the energy coming in through your hands.

Exercise 4: Connect with nature

  • Put your hands on the trunk of a tree. Feel the energy from deep inside the earth, going up through the roots of the tree and into your hands.
  • Place your hands on a rock (preferably a big boulder, but any size will do). Try out different sizes of rocks and see if you feel any differences between them.
  • Play with dirt! Do some gardening and touch the soil. This is also a grounding technique.

Exercise 5: Water

Water is also an excellent cleanser to clear away any unwanted energies that may be blocking your hand chakras.
  • Put your hands in a natural body of water, such as a stream or under running water from the faucet and allow the water to cleanse and activate your hand chakras.
  • You can also hold up your hands against the water while taking a shower.

Exercise 6: The Reiki ball of energy exercise

This exercise will help you to practice and be more comfortable when using the Reiki energy.
  • Close your eyes and place your hands in front of you, and effortlessly feel the energy coming into your body from the earth, from the heavens, from all around you. Feel it filling your body, then moving through your shoulders, down your arms and moving into your hands.
  • As you hold your hands in front of you, feel the Reiki ball of energy, really feel the energy coming into you from the universe, through your body, down your arms and then filing up your hands like water filling a glove. Allow the energy to collect in your hands – you may feel a tingling or a sensation of heat as it does so.
  • Play with, rotate, enhance, enlarge the ball, then make it smaller, intensify the ball’s energy. Then place your hands together and allow this energy to go back up your arms and into your heart and body to re-energize you.

These simple exercises serve to promote sensitivity in our hands and are excellent in helping us become more familiar and comfortable with working with Reiki and energy. Try them out and work with the ones that resonate with you.